HE The Minister attends solar energy plant opening ceremony

HE The Minister attends solar energy plant opening ceremony

Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza attended the inauguration ceremony of the solar energy initiative in Al-Maqat and Al-Husayniyat in the northern region of Al-Sahla.
Northern Governor Ali Abdulla Al Asfoor and First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdullah Al-Aradi were among those present on the occasion along with the region’s municipal councillors.
The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Amin Al-Sharqawi, United Nations Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative United Nations Development Programme and a number of officials.
Speaking on the occasion, the Mirza expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, for his interest in using clean energy and praised the initiative of the Jaffaria Waqf (Endowments) Directorate for implementing the project to install a solar energy system that would contribute to Bahrain achieving its national goals in renewable energy, energy efficiency and activating the uses of solar energy in religious establishments.
The minister said that this initiative comes in line with the national plan to take advantage of renewable energy, which is being followed by the Sustainable Energy Unit under his chairmanship.
The minister said the price of the unit of electricity produced from solar energy has decreased significantly and it had become cheaper than the unit price of energy produced by the government through natural gas stations. He said there are strong indications that the price of electricity per unit of renewable energy would continue to decline by up to an additional 20 per cent in the case of finding a competitive market and highly efficient supply and installation of solar systems.
He spoke of the benefits of using renewable energy and said the natural gas thus saved could be used for major strategic projects, as well as conservation of the environment. This is because renewable energy is clean energy and does not generate heat emissions. It is also sustainable and inexhaustible, and would provide new jobs to citizens. It would contribute to the fulfilment of Bahrain's international, regional and local commitments.
For his part, Chairman of the Jaffaria Waqf (Endowments) Directorate Shaikh Mohsin Al-Asfoor thanked the government for supporting the directorate for its national initiatives. He said they are among the first to adopt the use of solar energy and the initiative comes in line with national initiatives in Bahrain for the use of solar energy. He spoke of the success of the project to move towards the use of renewable energy to benefit from natural and renewable resources to generate electricity and preserve the environment.
He said the directorate began experimenting with the use of solar panels in three mosques - Sheikh Abdullah Mosque in the village of Al-Deeh, the Al-Kuwaila Mosque in Buri village and Al-Reis Mosque in Al-Hajar village.
He said the council approved providing the mosques with solar panels from its account and then study the success of this experiment and the possibility of applying it in other areas.
He said the project would contribute in the future with the development of its own technologies in the supply of the national electricity network and reduce the burden on the state as well as its contribution to providing a source of income for the orphanages through the project to sell surplus solar energy on the national electricity grid.
He said the directorate is looking forward to generalize this experiment to some 2,000 locations in the future and to include in it investment projects such as markets and commercial complexes that would be established by the directorate.
Mr. Al-Sharqawi said the adoption of solar energy by the directorate and to integrate renewable energy solutions into its projects is a positive step towards saving energy in general and would contribute to creating new jobs in the installation, maintenance and transfer of modern technology.
He said at the United Nations, they look forward to continued co-ordination of efforts in accordance with national goals and plans and sustainable development goals.


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