Service Disconnection and Final Bill Issuance

When evacuating any premises registered in your name:
If you are an owner or a tenant and want to apply for Electricity / Water service Disconnection, You should notify the Electricity and Water Authority, Customer Services Directorate of your wish to disconnect and close the account registered in your name to stop the monthly Electricity, Water and Municipal Rates Bills, to enable the Authority to issue the final bill for your account.

You can apply for Service Disconnection through filling out the application form

To get the required request form - Click Here
You may also apply electronically through this site - Click Here

The Final Bill:
After the Physical Disconnection of the Service you will receive SMS message on your mobile phone which will include the amount of the Final Bill, Then you can visit any of our Customer Service Centers for final bill settlement and refund the amount of Security Deposit Bond.

Requests for Closing Municipality Rates / Rent Accounts:
If you have a bill of just Municipality Rates or Municipality Rent only (Without Electricity /Water Consumptions Account), You have to check with the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Where they are responsible for closing these type of accounts.

Meters and Services Removal Requests:
Before demolition of a buildings its required to coordinate with the Electricity and Water Authority, Customer Services Directorate to apply for Technical Service request.

In order to accept the requests, Please attach a copy of the building demolition permit, It's important that the premises is not to being occupied by any customer otherwise an evacuation release letter (Tenant Evacuation Side Request) is required form Tenant or an explanatory letter from the owner in order for the  Authority to accept and process the request, the landlord  shall be held legally responsible to the request.

To get the Electricity Technical Services Request Form - Click Here
To get the Water Technical Services Request Form - Click Here

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