How to Apply For a Service with EWA/Customer Services Directorate?

To apply for any of the below mentioned services (Residential or Business), You'll need to fill the Electricity, Water, Municipal Rates Agreement & General Services Request, and to have the following requirements:
General Requirements:

  1. Premises Service address or meter number(s) or the existing customer account number.
  2. The original valid ID Card for Personal Applications and C.R. Copy for Business (Original valid ID Card in case of an application submitter)
  3. The original lease for preview and a copy of it (original will be return back)
  4. Security Deposit: Applicable to all tenants and non-Bahrainis owners, Deposit amount is determined by the size of the loads, installations and type of Electricity / Water meter.
  5. A bank account number to a local bank to settle the monthly bills. For more information and the full banks list Click Here
  6. All over dues must be settled when applying for any service.

For the Complete Requirements List - Click Here

Specific Requirements:

  1. Electricity / Water Service Reconnection: the above General requirements.
  2. Change of Name (CON): The above General requirements and the current account Due Must Be Settled.
  3. Change of Tenancy (COT): The above General requirements and Meter(s) Reading (To authenticate the readings its preferred to bring them as a photo, Mobile Phones Pictures are Accepted).
  4. Electricity / Water Service Disconnection Request: Other Mailing address is required.
  5. Customer Details Update Request: To update or modify Customer records such as the Mailing Address, Contact Numbers, Emails address or any other information regarding the Customer or the premises ownership.

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