HE The Minister chairs national committee meeting

HE The Minister chairs national committee meeting

Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza chaired the second meeting of the National Committee to follow up the implementation of the energy efficiency and renewable energy plan.
Members of the committee, comprising of senior officials from several ministries and relevant government bodies, took part.
During the meeting, the minutes of the first meeting in February were reviewed and approved. At the request of the Minister, who is the Chairman of the Committee, each member presented a time plan and detailed programme for the implementation of the initiatives and programs assigned to them in the National Energy Efficiency Plan (NEEAP) And the National Renewable Energy Plan (NREAP).
The meeting also reviewed the developments on the preparation of the necessary legal and technical requirements before applying the Net Metering policy. These procedures are expected to be completed within the next few months.
The National Energy Efficiency Plan includes 22 initiatives. For buildings, it includes the  building efficiency code, lighting and home appliances specifications, a green buildings initiative, classification of buildings in terms of efficiency, specifications of air conditioning, cooling areas and finding competencies of the field.
For the supply of electricity, the plan includes the efficiency of the production of electricity, the correction coefficient of loads, the efficiency of transmission and distribution of electricity and smart meters.
For the government side, the plan includes efficiency of lamps for government buildings, green government procurement, street lighting and energy management in government buildings.
For the economic sectors, it stipulates tariff restructuring, legislative structure, dissemination of information and data, while for the transport sector, it includes efficient transport and restructuring of government support in the transport sector.
In the industrial sector, it includes programmes of industrial companies to raise energy efficiency.
The National Renewable Energy Plan includes six initiatives. This includes solar projects on rooftops, wind power projects on land and at sea, large central solar power plant projects, solar home installation requirements and new projects (housing and investment projects), renewable energy requirements in new infrastructure projects such as bridges and railways Ferrous, electric power generation of organic materials extracted from wastewater.
The next meeting of the committee will be held on June 2017 11.
The Minister thanked the members for their constructive participation and suggestions.

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