Meter Reading

  • Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) - CSD  Meter Reader call on you every month to obtain meter reading to record your electricity & water usage accurately. When your meter is not read, usage is estimated based on previous months consumption. Any necessary adjustment is made when the next reading is obtained.

  • You can submit a meter reading to us if:-
    • You have received an estimated bill that is significantly out of line with the actual reading.

    • Meter Reader missed your house and has left a card.  If you submit a meter reading within 24 hours of receiving this card you can avoid getting estimated bill in next month.

  • It is very important to read your meter when you move home. It is also agood practice to read your meter after you receive a bill that has been based on an estimated reading. Send your meter(s) reading and we will recalculate your bill. You will benefit by receiving an accurate account and you will be pleased to know that the amount you are paying covers the actual  consumption that you have used.

Submit meter Reading:

  • 24 hours automated Phone-in service 
    Please use this facility if you have received a card from the meter reader asking you to give a meter reading. CALL +973 17515555 automated phone-in service and easy to use. Please follow the prompts to submit your account number, meter/meters and reading. 

 To update your meter(s) reading by e-mail
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06 Apr. 2016 - 18:39 PM
Total Availability
3745 MW
1556 MW
01  May  2016   -  08:00 Am
Storage Availability
495.40  MIG
153.99 MIG

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