• Electricity and water Authority (EWA) will issue you with a bill every month for electricity, water you use and municipality rates,  which charged as 10% of monthly rent or any fix rates especially for owner occupied premises and other premises. The bill contains detailed and information on the amount of electricity, water and municipality to be charged to your account, any unpaid balance from previous bill, adjustments and any transferred amount to your account.

Electricity & water usage

  • Electricity energy used kilowatt - hour (kWh) -  Electricity unit = 1 kilowatt - hour.

  • Water used  cubic meter (M3) - Water unit = 1 cubic meter -  (M3 =220 imperials gallons = 1000 liters)
    The Electricity used represents the unit of kilowatt – hour of electricity and the water used represents the unit of cubic meters that both you consumed in the billing period. This can be either an actual or an estimate reading. Your bill is calculated on the basis of a meter reading; sometimes the bill has to be issued to an estimated reading. Normal monthly bill will be in green color and over due bill in red color.


06 Apr. 2016 - 18:39 PM
Total Availability
3745 MW
1556 MW
01  May  2016   -  08:00 Am
Storage Availability
495.40  MIG
153.99 MIG

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